F5 Gloss Black

Porsche Cayenne with Silver on Gloss Gunmetal F2

Porsche Cayenne with Matte Bronze F2

F5 Gloss Gunmetal with Silver

F4 Gloss Black

Corvette with Gloss Black F4

F4 Gloss Gunmetal with Silver

Corvette C4 with Silver on Gloss Gunmetal F4

Jaguar F-Type with Gloss Black F5

F3 Gloss Black

Lexus RC350 with Silver on Gloss Gunmetal F5

F3 Matte Bronze

Mono Form Technology

Flow Form technology is a process that applies pressure to the inner wheel after casting, stretching and forming the material, causing the aluminum to flow while imparting tensile strength – similar to how forged wheels are made. Thanks to this state-of-the-art technology, the result is greater strength and shock-resistance over conventional cast wheels, which translates to overall better vehicle performance.

Step 1

The process starts using a casting specially made for Flow Forming Technology that’s placed onto a steel rim that’s then prepped for molding.

Step 2

Extensive heat and pressure is applied using three individual rollers to shape the aluminum to the wheel mold.

Step 3

The individually shaped rollers fortify the barrel to the specified width and density, allowing for a stronger wheel using less material.

Step 4

The molecular compound of the aluminum significantly hardens in a streamline direction, resulting in a tolerant and considerably lighter wheel.

Precision Engineered

Stronger, lighter wheels for optimal performance and looks!

Lightweight & Track Ready

Performance proven

Two-Piece Center Cap Detail

Another level of customization

Mono Form Technology

Precision engineered